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Sculpting Realistic Miniature Food and Food Jewelry with Polymer Clay

Crafting miniature food is very fun!  I have made a few slide shows and simple tutorial of how I make a food jewelry or miniature. Each piece is hand sculpted and no two miniature food are alike.

Some tips on making realistic food miniatures out of polymer clay

by MalynsHandmade

  • Don’t hesitate to try or improvise any sculpting tools and texturing techniques. The more texture, the more realistic the food miniature will turn out.

  • Take your time.

  • If you want to imitate food, it’s better to experiment blending two shades of clay than using primary color. 

  • When using translucent liquid clay, always remember the color will turn out a shade darker once it baked.

  • Keep your hands, tools and work surface clean, (trust me, I know how tough it is sometimes to keep it mess free. Baby wipes and acetone make life easier!) so your food miniature’s color and texture will be neat and perfect. 

  • Always remember to seal your miniatures with glaze or satin finish. Never use lacquer coatings or nail polish as it will make polymer clay sticky.

Hope these helps!

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